Handwritten Engraved Recipe Board

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These special handwritten cutting boards are an amazing way to pass down family recipes or a handwritten letter from a loved one. Cutting board measures 13.5” x 9.75” x .43” Cutting board is made with bamboo and has cut out handle. This board is laser engraved.

*Please send your recipe or letter photo to mooree450@gmail.com and put your name and order in the title*


1. Place recipe on a well lit (natural light works best), flat surface to take photo
2. Try to avoid casting shadows on recipe
3. If writing is faded or not legible, make a photocopy of the recipe, then trace over the writing with dark ink
4. Make sure picture or scan is clear, bright, and not blurry

Proofs can be sent by request only. Please send a request in the “note to seller” section when checking out. If you do not request a proof no proof will be sent before the board is made.

Placement of recipe may be horizontal or vertical depending on length of recipe/letter and how it fits on the board. If you are looking to request a specific position please let me know in the “note to seller” section & I will do my best to make it work. I cannot guarantee that I can make your requested placement work depending on size/length of words.

*Cutting board will have color variations in wood due to wood grain. All boards will not be the same as wood grain will be different for each board*
*Boards are NOT dishwasher safe*
*Boards that are engraved are best used as decoration and not as an actual cutting board as the engraving will get scratched/cut from knives if used as a cutting board*